The basics of SRL Connect

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The basics of SRL Connect

Shaw Reynolds Lawyers recognises our established clients regularly encounter new and novel legal questions. We also recognise that our clients can often be hesitant to go to the time and expense of having these legal questions properly addressed. In many cases, we have found our established clients are understandably not quite sure if the legal issue they face is substantial enough to warrant seeking legal advice.

With that in mind, Shaw Reynolds Lawyers has set up SRL Connect. SRL Connect is a 30-minute consultation session offered free of charge to our established clients.
During these sessions Shaw Reynolds Lawyers can step through the legal issue faced and advise on the next steps required to resolve the matter. In some instances, we may be able to resolve the issue satisfactorily in the 30-minute session alone.

Examples of issues that Shaw Reynolds Lawyers can assist with in SRL Connect sessions include:

• the interpretation of legislation.

• questions regarding recent case law developments.

• legal issues raised by Council policies.

• development applications and modification applications.

• access to information requestions.

• tendering and other commercial matters.

• enforcement of planning and environmental laws.

• probity and integrity issues.

SRL Connect sessions can be arranged via the Shaw Reynolds Lawyers website.

Should you need to discuss your legal issue sooner than the available consultation times, please contact Chris Shaw or Alyce Kliese directly for assistance on (02) 8330 5800.