About our Law Firm

We are a specialist Planning, Environment and Local Government law firm

Our firm is based in Sydney’s CBD however we service a range of clients across New South Wales including regional areas.

Our clients range from state and local government authorities to major corporations and homeowner’s when their needs align with our values.

Our lawyers are specialists in Land and Environment Court litigation and advisory services with extensive experience and knowledge in local government and land development. Shaw Reynolds’ lawyers have held a leading role in the NSW planning, environmental and local government law development since 1993.

Shaw Reynolds, Property Development Lawyers







We are at the forefront of developing legal solutions for our clients

Our lawyers are experienced legal advisers seeking opportunities for our clients and protecting them, particularly in identifying property development, planning and environmental opportunities and risks.

Shaw Reynolds’ lawyers have a commitment to excellence and quality in every aspect of our work and an approachable and friendly culture which facilitates our longstanding relationships with our clients. As lawyers, we believe in a balanced, flexible approach to our work and recognise that we work best when we are healthy, supported and unified as a firm.

Our Mission

At Shaw Reynolds our mission is to assist our chosen clients to develop legal solutions that we are proud of. We pride ourselves on our relationship with our clients in that our values always align making for a solid basis to assist our clients in reaching their strategic goals.